i want to see you thrive where you live, not just survive.

i want God to use our family to model it well by His grace.

how to thrive.

how to make family out of friends.

how to engage a school community.

how to learn to love your city.

come into our story as we entered our city a few years ago with a mission to explore and give back in our first 31 days. and we did so with  2, 4, and 6 year old boys while trying to start a church in a brand new culture.

just for you, i've got all 31 days lumped together to the right over here...

yep. that's it. the 31 days in the city box. you're so smart.

new to your city? start exploring. use this guide to get your creativity going.

lived there for a while? explore new parts. take on a neighborhood challenge. buy local this Christmas season.

whatever you do, love your cities well.

Christians, of all people, should know their cities and serve their cities the best!

We, of all people, should laugh the loudest, give the most, and love better than anyone else.

How will you laugh, give, and love this month in the places you call home?