cousins are the family that you most identify with
as you are neither blood-related nor have the history like the 'older people.'

[jonah and eva making music]

in our story, our kids don't see their cousins that often,
which could be detrimental, but instead,
we make the most of the moments we have together.

[we celebrate jonah's 9th birthday together]

this moment the allens came to san francisco.
we do what we do best when we are together.

[emma and sam painting at the museum]

we ate well and stepped aside
to let the kids play til they fell asleep at night.

[asher proud of his golf game]

[elijah working on his hula skills]

[sam in the curious george world]

[eva wants the pigeons to be her friend so desperately]

these cousins won't be able to say they grew up near each other, but they will be able to recall the special trips to see each other and the memories made in the short sweet moments.