Cousins for a visit

GJ and Sam watching Veggie Tales at Silver Dollar City

Bobby and Larry, as Sam refers to them

Eating custard at Andy's (Yes, Sam refused to sit with the rest of the family)

WallE (and once again, Sam didn't want to sit with everyone

I know that it sounds like Sam is in his two's...and you're right. He is figuring out how far is too far and what buttons iritate mom and others. But, I absolutely love that he breaks the mold! He marches to a beat from a different drummer. He's creative and hilarious!
In the short days we had with our family, we went to Silver Dollar City, Branson Landing, community pool, Andy's Custard, and saw Walle. We played at two parks and had so much fun together. Our boys don't get to see their cousins that often and we were thankful that they made the trip!