covered in prayer {a gift we can all give Kavita}

i say often that Kavita has been covered in prayer for over 3 years. i pray often as she is in a place where she's not receiving familial love, that God covers her with love, that He is a blanket of peace over her at night.

i know that you have prayed for her fervently, unceasingly, passionately. i know you have done so in carpools on the way to dance class, in small groups gathered here in san francisco and in groups who have quilted her a blanket. i know a certain five year old who has prayed specifically for the judge and those who have sent anonymous prayer letters in the mail.

i want to cover her with this on our very first night and then cover her up night after night with the names of the prayer-ers that have sustained her in the orphanage.



i've gotten it started and want to fill up the fitted sheet and flat sheet and pillowcases with your names - the names of friends and family from all over the world who have voiced a prayer for kavita hope.

here's two ways to put your name on this prayer covering:

1. join us at our home for an adoption celebration on sunday evening, june 7 at 6 pm where we will throw a party for all God has done. you can write your name on the prayer covering in person.

2. leave your name in the comment section below and we will put it on the sheet. if you're children have prayed with you or your spouse, leave their names, too! continue to point friends and family here to add their names as i want to show kavita one day how loved she is and how loved she has been. and that God has protected her and provided for her and shielded her and surrounded her through the prayers of so many people.

3. but when you leave your name in the comment, if you have prayed in a particular setting or your heart was prompted at a particular point on the journey, leave a brief story. jonalyn, this is where you tell us that your carpool girls in alabama on the way to dance class have prayed every monday for kavita! and karen, where your ladies at church have quilted kavita a quilt with prayer knots. laura lyn, this is where you share about the song that introduced our adoption stories to one another.

i am eternally grateful for you. for when we were denied her, you fought. and when we were stuck in court, you gathered to pray. and when one step took months and hope seemed lost, you interceded and held us up. ben and i say to one another that we don't know if we could have endured without your prayers and knowing that we weren't alone as we pursued kavita.

so you typing your name below is powerful.

it is a declaration of the power of prayer.

it embodies a community of the faithful who can see change happen when we stand together.
it displays the story God has been writing for three years. He's the lead role and we are all the supporting cast! 
so consider the comment section as the credit role. 

and let the names and stories roll in. oh how beautiful this gift will be for kavita and our family, but also to you. to see the countless names of those who prayed together for one girl. you are the faithful. the ones God used to rescue a girl!