crazy believing

  you poured out generosity to a girl you've yet to meet, but have faithfully prayed.


you gifted us in tangible ways in which to clothe her,

to teach her,

to bless her caregivers,

to keep her warm,

to read to her,

to adorn her wrists and her walls,

to help us travel to bring her home,

and to feed us when we're jet-lagged and love-struck.

for all of this and so much more, we say thank you.




we're crazy in what we're believing God for.

i mean crazy.

wanna believe God with us for the miraculous yet again?

we are certain that our case is being looked at very meticulously.

we've studied cases and believe it's #onlyGod possible for our case to be heard and orders to be granted

by December and for us to meet her for the first time ever before 2014 comes to an end.

i realize that what i'm stating is insane and that nothing has gone "quick" in any part of this journey.

i know that we're not promised tomorrow, yet alone a record breaking homecoming with our daughter!

but this i know and this i've learned in this 2.5 year journey,

He loves a good challenge!

especially the kind where we stop in our tracks on planet earth and declare...




He has been center stage in this entire journey to bring K home.

He knew K long before she entered her mother's womb. He has not left her side, not one day.

He held her while we sat denied and while we wondered if we'd ever call her daughter.

He moved mountains and changed the hearts of man to overturn their decision of the denial.

Abba Father, Sovereign God, Loving Redeemer, has not gotten us to court to take a rest.

He's still fighting for His girl named K and we're still praying steadfast for her.

will you stand with us believing God is who He says He is and that He has all authority over court, advocates, judges, and schedules?

will you cover our paperwork in prayer that everything is present and accounted for and exact?

and as always, pray for sweet K today. it is our understanding that she is not being prepared to leave nor given an understanding of family and what will happen soon. but God can do a work in her heart and mind that no caregiver can.

i can't wait to update you soon with court standings.

i can't wait to post pictures of her from head to toe and not just toes!


i can't wait to show you some amazingly purposeful decor that we're working on in her room.

but until then, pray believing. the crazy believing kind.