Day 1: The Presidio

Like I wrote, not everything goes according to plan...and sometimes it works out better than planned! We made the drive over to Golden Gate Bridge in an effort to walk across, but as we approached the west side of town, the fog was thick. Too thick to enjoy the bridge and the view. So, we detoured a little and drove through the Presidio.
A beautiful location on the bay and the ocean, the Presidio has amazing architecture and a national cemetery.The Presidio was once a military outpost and when the base was decommissioned and the land made available, it was the movers and shakers that moved in.
But the exciting part for our boys is that Lucasfilm Ltd. operates a 1500 employee digital art complex on site!

Sam asked, "Can I give Darth Vader a hug?" Maybe he thinks his soft side will turn Vader over to the good side!

The facility doesn't conduct tours anymore, but we got to see a few statues, original lightsabers, blasters, and other paraphernalia from the movies in the lobby. Ben and I wondered what takes place behind all the closed doors.

Though our boys are young, they greatly love the classic Star Wars and still dream of George Lucas having them over to talk about more movies or Jedi training!

This adventure made the galaxy far, far away, seem really, really close!