Day 12: Junior Giants baseball team

Elijah has anticipated this meeting for quite some time! Ben, too! With no expectations, we walked into a large room with other parents and kids to learn about the Junior Giants program and all the fun to be had this summer in the 7-10 age group. We watched a fun video about the character building traits of integrity, leadership, confidence, and teamwork. The SF Giants players (on video) encouraged the kids to eat healthy, read often, and stand up for violence prevention. Ben, as the coach, will reward the players as he sees them exemplify the character traits and as they eat well and read 720 minutes.

At the close of the meeting, coaches were introduced and then each team went outside to meet their team, receive hats and team shirts, and talk about their first practice and game.
We were amazed at the support from the parents and the excitement from the kids. When Ben introduced himself, he shared that we were new to the city. Our team parents welcomed us individually with smiles and conversation. We couldn't be more thankful to be a part of this league and embrace this opportunity to meet families and make new friends. And of course, play ball!