Day 15: Father's Day Celebration

The lineup:
Gave gifts of Wii game and Giants shirt and hat and a Yogurt gift card
Ben went on a run
Ate pizza in the Inner Richmond district Gigorgios
Rest time
At Epic meeting, girls served guy's favorite appetizers
Toured possible facility at the W Hotel

Ben, as a husband and father, makes life all about us. We know so by how he prioritizes his time and makes the most of it when we are together. I commented to him just the other day that our boys (whether they realize it or not) have a dad that spends an enormous amount of time with them. I love that Ben is a dad who doesn't waste time. The first part of the week is busy and he fills his days up, but he does this so he can have a lighter and more carefree end of the week. It doesn't always go like this, but for the most part, he works really hard to play more towards the end of his work week.

Most days always have the comments, "Where's daddy?"
or "When is daddy gonna be home?"

And though I get tired of giving the same answer, I love knowing that it's NOT that daddy is never around, it's just that daddy makes being around GREAT!

One way he spends his time is one on one with each boy. He calls them daddy dates. He and Elijah enjoy Wii games and baseball together. He and Sam enjoy doughnuts and tech-savvy things. Ben and Asher also enjoy sports and taking trips.

Another way he spends is time is with me. We call those real dates! We've been dating since 1999! We tell the boys that we can be better parents and a sweeter husband and wife by going on dates...and it's not just an excuse to get away from them, but by doing so, we return to them more refreshed.

And though he spends lots of time with us, there's more of this great man to go around! He makes time for his extended family, his staff, his team, his friends, his neighbors, his network of friends and fellow pastors, and the least of these.
He always seems to have the energy and the strength to keep pressing on. And though we know he's not Superman or Luke Skywalker, he lives his life to help others and the Force is always with him!

We need to celebrate him more often! Happy Father's Day!