Day 16: 125 cookies

"If you're gonna make cookies, might as well make an army of them!"
Shauna Pilgreen

This was our family philosophy today as we mixed ingredients for some delicious cookies. Good thing we started with a large mixing bowl! It's the famous Neiman Marcus cookie recipe that is so delish.

I reminded the boys that most of our adventures have been for ourselves as we are wanting to learn the city, the culture, and the history. Plus, we had our Hannah with us which made it easier to do bigger adventures in the city.
This week, we are doing some things closer to home and for others.

We made cookies for our neighbors to the left and to the right.
We made cookies to take as dessert to our friends for dinner tonight.

We made cookies for the concierge who smiles when she sees the kids.
We made cookies for the maintenance men who have taken care of our fridge.

We also made cookies for the people that run our apartment complex.
And we still have plenty of cookies to take with us to our first ball practice.

And as we delivered them today...
we discovered that cookies and a smile
advance a relationship
that can go a long, long way!