Day 20: Playdate

Playdates can be extravagant or simple. Today was simple. Our friends, the Keels, have arrived in San Francisco and Mary and Brad needed to get settled into their apartment. Carter and Belle came over to our house to play.
Since all their possessions were still in Florida, the kids enjoyed playing together and with the Pilgreen toys. They played make believe as they dressed up as knights, princes, and Belle got to be the princess they were planning to rescue.

Later, we make sugar cookies and Asher and Carter built a great train track. Sometimes, the more extravagant adventures seem more story-worthy and picture-worthy, but truth be told, it's the simple adventures that you can do more often and are what fill our childhood with memories.
Don't you remember your childhood friends?

These 5 kids have more in common than others in the city as they live in SF. They have left friends and family behind to pursue God's mission for their family and this city. They are valuable to the mission, to the church, and to us. We are thankful they have each other.