Day 25: Yerba Buena

An adventure that far exceeded my expectations: Yerba Buena Gardens.
This place is less than a mile walk from our apartment and has so much to offer. There's a bowling alley, ice skating rink, restaurant, carousel, kid's museum, a playground, large grassy area, and who knows what else!

Our purpose in going today was the Children's Festival that they are holding throughout the summer with a entertainment every Friday and Saturday. Today was the Caterpillar Puppet and it was amazing! To our surprise was a great playground that seemed very age appropriate for the older boys. There were at least 88 other kids on the playground!
I told Ben we must get the boys bright baseball caps to wear so I can spot them easier.

After some time on the playground, we headed around the corner to a grassy amphitheater and found great seats for the show.

I don't know if I've ever heard all the boys simultaneously laughing so hard in their lifetime.
This guy was great interacting with the kids and there was never a dull moment. He acted out two stories with puppets and had a conversation with an artist mouse!

We plan on making a few more free festival concerts this summer and plan to take Ben back with us when the Caterpillar Puppets return in August.
Another plus...we saw a friend we have met at the library at the concert.
Another plus plus...we did errands at our bank, post office, and grocery store all on the walk home!
gotta love this walkable city!