Day 27: Around the Block

Though our neighborhood is still being redeveloped, great things are happening and community is coming together. We already feel a part of it!
Just across the channel is what is really coined as Mission Bay. Our friends, the Keels, live there. Old Navy headquarters, UCSF Mission Bay campus, grounds for the new women's and children's hospital are also there.

There's also a Junior Giants mini baseball field. As me and the boys got onto the field for a few hits and runs, it wasn't no time that we had an audience. Now, I will tell you that it was just an hour before the SF Giants played an afternoon game and tailgaters were around, but regardless, we had us an audience!

We were considerate of the "tourists" and "fans" that wanted to play on the field, so we sat down along the bay and enjoyed some peanuts.

This picture is taken of our apartment building from the Mission Bay side of the channel. Look between the cream and reddish color buildings and that's where we live.

Another treat in our neighborhood is the library. Look at all the moms and kids that show up for singing time, story time, or craft time each week. The group is very ethnically diverse. We are learning that some families are here for a short stint, while others have lived in the city for years and are just starting to grow their families.

A favorite of ours is the Mission Creek Park under the freeway. The boys see the sand volleyball court as a huge sandbox!

We are thankful for our neighborhood and can't wait to see what else develops commercially and relationally!