Day 29: Bay Area Discovery Museum

Just across the never-gets-old-of-seeing-it Golden Gate Bridge,
sits in the old Fort Baker bunkers
the Bay Area Discovery Museum.

We have only been to a few children's museums in the country and one thing is true of them all: kids get to let their imagination run free without the expense of tearing down your house.

The boys are hoisting up fish and crabs from the "bay" below where they can take them to "fisherman's wharf" and sell them or put them on" train tracks" or load them on "boats."
The room was set up like the Port of San Francisco with tunnels that seemed like you were under sea and toll booths where you could collect pretend money. There was an enormous train track that filled up half the room.

Elijah discovered how to make a boat out of foam and see if it could stand the waves. It took a few sinkings before it stayed afloat.

Sam and Asher turned the wheel to see how the waves affect the ocean floor.

Outside at Lookout Cove, the kids pretended a hurricane was at sea. It was amazing to watch how other kid's imagination sparked another kid's and how the story seemed to continue as kids had to leave or lost interest while others picked up where they had left off.

Sam and Belle dug and sifted for treasure. Sam found a whopping 3 pennies and Belle became rich with a dime and a nickel.

Meanwhile, Asher put on a construction vest and hard hat and began work on the unfinished "bridge."

The art studio allowed the kids to paint, play with sand art, build with blocks, or paint the windows. Elijah is painting an angry face! Another part of the studio provided the kids with recycled products and tape and scissors to encourage them to create a space thing.

The discovery room gave the boys an interest in outer space as they got 'fit' for space using the bike. They explored what astronauts eat, how they sleep...

...and how they potty! (Now if Asher would attempt this at home, it would be one small step for him and one giant step for his mom!)

We discovered much today and who knows where the kids will go in the future, but it's looking bright for sure!