Day 31: Plant a Garden

When I asked the boys about what they would like to do in our 31 days in the city, Sam would always say, "Plant a garden!" I know as the preschool year came to a close in Missouri, he had learned about spring, flowers, and plants. He gifted me a plant for Mother's Day as well.
It is evidently on his mind.

I can think of no better way to end our 31 days in the city than with starting life with a garden.

I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about planting, gardening, nor anything pertaining to the subject. Alison at Lowe's helped us pick out the supplies and vegetables and told us what she thought would grow in our 'habitat.' We are planting squash and tomatoes. Alison said she loved squash and I made her a promise that if we were able to grow any, we would personally bring her one!

Being in the city and in an apartment, space is limited. We have a teeny-tiny balcony that is the perfect size for our pot and the veggies are able to get some sunlight. Sam is a nurturer and it shows in the way he likes to check on and water the vegetables.

Now we watch, and water, and pray. Yes, we are praying the simple prayer that our vegetables will grow. If they do, we want to be a blessing to others and give them away. If they don't, we tried and will try and be a blessing in other ways.