Day 6: Farmer's Market

San Francisco has several Farmer's Markets in the city, the largest being at the Ferry Building on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. We know that it's very crowded on Saturdays with strollers, people, and more vendors, so we opted to go on a weekday. Our friends, Kaci and Luke joined us. We strolled along the bay and arrived at the Ferry Building. With our family budget, the market prices were a little much, but for the experience we purchased two peaches!

Most vendors have samples and were delighted to tell you about their organic and fresh produce and products. We sampled strawberries, peaches, nectarines, and Scream Sorbert flavors such as snap pea, chocolate peanut butter, and apricot. We noticed fresh sauerkraut, local honey, and blueberries.

We explored more of the Ferry Building and then crossed the street to the water fountains and to scope out the Peter Pan 360 degree show that is showing through August. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and chased pigeons and got as close to the water in the fountain as possible!

The Peter Pan show allows people to come tour the property and see the exhibit for free. The facility for the show is pretty incredible. It debuted in Europe before coming on an barge to San Francisco. It's through technology and acrobatic movement that the story of Peter Pan is told.

At the exhibit, various measurements of characters in the story are posted. Elijah measured to the Lost Boys, Sam measured to the Crocodile, and Asher and Luke measured to Nana the dog. The rest of us were in between Smee and Captain Hook!

We've discovered that produce is cheaper at the store, but more fun at the market. We also discovered that walks are more fun when you have scooters and new friends.