"make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on living. there's more to life than decorating."

 albert hadley, as quoted in elle decor in 1994, 
but quoted recently in real simple 10.12

i could not have said it better or more simpler, albert. 
my natural decorating sister is gasping and is thinking that i just blasphemed decorators and pinterest-ers worldwide! 
for the love of decorating, it's a gift
that was given to the creative hands-on.

i think in words and lots of them.
i think in memories, the ones that conjure up the
 smell and taste of nostalgia.
i can't look at a room and think of its potential.
i can't visualize textures and art and arrangement.
hence bare walls.

so with each home and in each room, basic decor and necessities are put in place almost overnight.
for this type 'a' abhors moving boxes.

and then the door is open.
open to all who may enter. 
for this is the most priceless decor.
the decor that fills our home with laughter.

the wall might be bare
but the doorway is not.

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