diwali {festival of lights}




what has been tradition for ages steps inside our home for the first time.

diwali. deepavali. divali.

meaning "row of lamps."

this holiday is to Hindus what Christmas is to Christians.

every state in india will celebrate in its own way this week.

telling different tales and stories of certain gods and how one came to the rescue and fought off evil. destroyed darkness.

commemorating Lord Rama as he returned home after defeating the evil demon king.

we will celebrate in our own way!

we will share the story of One who came to dispel and push back the darkness.

as this festival of lights begins this week on the other side of the world,

 we will celebrate so in k's honor.

and it's just the beginning.

oh! to have her show us how to celebrate all the more!

 bringing out all the lights.

 going to dine at our friend's indian restaurant. {www.kasaindian.com}

making diwali sweets for it's a festival of sweets. {diwali sweet recipe}

praying to the One who is the Father of lights {James 1.17}

celebrate with us. choose one of these ways:

bring out the lights.

light candles in your home this weekend.

throw up some Christmas strands around the kid's beds.

place a light outside your home. on the front steps at dusk.

for diwali, these lights symbolize the inner light within us that protects us from spiritual darkness.

how amazing is that?

eat sweetly. eat indian.

in honor of K. in honor of our brothers and sisters in india.

dine at an indian restaurant.

make a diwali sweet.

pray to the Father of lights.

use this prayer guide for india to pray for our daughter.

to pray for her homeland and the people.

to pray for God's light to shine brightly in your hearts. in your homes. in your communities.

Isaiah 9.2 says, "the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
 those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone."

happy diwali! from our family.