dreams - an adoption thought



do you know about God?

how did you first learn of Him?

do you know that He has a Son, Jesus, who came to earth thousands of years ago for the purpose of redeeming us back to God because of the sin that was in the world and in our hearts? He did this by dying on the cross for us. But He didn't stay dead. no, He rose again and is in heaven with God the Father and will come again. Jesus did this because He loves you and me so very much. He did this so we might know Him. He did this so that we have a way to return to God.

do you believe that He really does love you just the way you are?

do you love Him back?

16,982 miles from me is a little girl who, for all i know, does not know about God.

she hasn't even heard of Him, most likely.

she doesn't know God has a Son named Jesus.

because she doesn't know Him, she cannot fathom that Someone so great, kind, and all-knowing can love her.

recently, i heard afshin ziafat {a former muslim} say that american christians long to hear and see God in dreams and visions.

yet, it's the unreached peoples of the world to whom this is happening.

american christians are blessed to have the very Word of God, the Bible, in our possession.

the unreached peoples do not.

it is through dreams and visions that God can speak to those who do not have the written Word of God.

i halted in this thought process.


can my daughter who is over 16,000 miles away know of God in her dreams?

if no one is there to tell her of Abba Father {that's hebrew for daddy}, is He that good and kind to reveal Himself to her in dreams?

i don't know all the answers, but i do know this...

i'm praying during my days on this american soil

that as she sleeps in her own country, miles away from me,

that God will introduce Himself to her in the sweetest of dreams.

as she goes to bed with not a kiss goodnight or a bedtime story,

that she falls to sleep quickly and peacefully and returns to that place where God will meet her.

where He tells her she is loved. she is beautiful. she is His creation.

where my k knows beyond the dreams in her head into the depths of her heart

that she has purpose and that God is true.

where she sees the most amazing portrait of a loving Father.

i pray that when we meet face to face and begin our physical journey together as mother and daughter,

and i naturally talk about God, that she smiles and says, "i know Who you are talking about, momma."

"He's met me every night. He has been right beside me."

i will lock eyes with her. i will grab her hand.

and say, "precious k, let me tell you more about Him."