Dress up, candy, and being together

Creatures of Narnia: Elijah as Prince Caspian, Sam as Peter, and Asher as Aslyan

Our church presented TREATSVILLE for the kids with supper, inflatables, trick or treat, and games. 1,000 people in attendance! And did I mention candy that will last until Christmas! Sam is going to be disappointed when he shows up at church on Sunday and discovers that people aren't sitting outside his Sunday School room handing out candy anymore.

Elijah and Sam's best buddies: Batman and Superman who just happen to live two doors down from us!

On Saturday night, our Adult Bible Fellowship gathered at a family's home for a bonfire. The weather was just right! The kids ran wild in the great open space and played tirelessly on the playset. Adult-size and child-size pop-up chairs congregated near the fire. We enjoyed hot dogs, smores, chili, caramel apples, and Erica's delicious dessert! And that's not even the best part...we simply enjoyed genuine fellowship. We share the common bond of being in the same season of life with these families and are richly blessed by being a part of a great church and great class!