dwell: to remain for a time
i've stopped counting.
[we've moved a time or two]
i've started dwelling.
[it's far better]
to dwell has no expiration date.
[a lease might]
dwell speaks of seasons.
[we find ourselves in the season of blessing]

[lemon tree at our new dwelling place]

we moved to san francisco in may 2010 
into the neighborhood where our church would begin.
our apartment hosted launch team meetings for 7 months.
we've had hundreds of people in our home.
ben and i have met with young couples over coffee and dessert around our dining table. 
friends and family from georgia, louisiana, texas, connecticut, kentucky, missouri, alabama, tennessee, have all spent the night.
thanksgiving was celebrated here for two years. 
2 small groups met weekly.

[friends on epic's launch team]

the boys have made cards for the senior center across the street.
we've made friends with the firefighters, postal workers, police officers, librarians, baristas, bakers, clerks, and neighbors nearby.

behind these doors, i knew not what awaited. i am astonished by how our apartment has been used. tracks on the carpet prove so! 

we open another door very soon.
it's been a door we've been searching for almost a year. 
our boys are settled into a great school and we are making friends in this neighborhood.
we believe for a season we were needed at our apartment in soma neighborhood in the city.
we now believe for this season we have been given the gift of a home in noe valley neighborhood in the city.
it hasn't been easy.
there's tough rental competition in sf.
our family of five doesn't get great ratings for our size!

[our new dwelling place]

yet, our new landlords patty and rusty replied to me after I told them this home was a great Christmas gift,
"we picked you. we chose your family."
in a highly competitive market, wanting the best for our children, to be chosen reaches deep into the soul.

my prayer for our new dwelling place:

may You, O God, dwell with us.
may You make our home a haven, a refuge from the world.
may You fill our home with joy and peace and Your presence.
our family invites You in.
may hospitality abound.
may laughter fill the air.
may each person that steps in know they are loved, safe, and at home.
come and dwell. our home is not complete without You.

do you have a memory of our apartment?
please leave a comment.
do you like to pack boxes?
just kidding. 
would you like our new address?
leave a comment with your address and i'll be happy to send you a family picture with our new address. 
(i will not publish your address on my blog)