Elijah's 6th Birthday Celebration

Elijah's birthday celebration began with a family dinner at his choice, Red Robin the eve before his 6th birthday. Red Robin came out for a special appearance and Elijah opened presents from us and family who lives out of town. On the morning of his birthday, Ben took him to his choice for breakfast, McDonald's, then to the grocery store to pick up his snack for school since he was snack leader. Since they had some time to waste before school, they played hide-n-go-seek in the store! That night Mimi and Pops flew in for the weekend and Thursday he opened up more presents before going to school! Our plan for weeks was to have his party at a local park in town, but with the weather forecast calling for storms, we had to move the party indoors. As crazy as it sounds, our current home at the time was filled with boxes and last minute items that needed to be packed, but the duplex that we were moving into the next morning was empty. So we had 12 boys full of testosterone wrestling, playing, running, and laughing in the duplex. Our friend, Robin, made the most amazing Star Wars cupcakes, and we managed to pull off a few games: Light Saber Limbo and Dynamite on the Death Star. Shauna read the book she had written Elijah for his birthday to the guests and every boy left tired and sweaty!

Elijah has taught us so much about life over the past 6 years. He has voiced his opinion since the day he came home from the hospital. He is our thinker and is always on his quest for independence. He is full of questions and is serious with his thoughts about faith. He loves to try new things that momma makes and never gives us a chance to toss the baseball with dad. He has made some really close friends this year and is passionate about going to church and secondeleven. He is excited about our move to San Francisco and to the best of his ability understands why we are moving. He's a dreamer and an achiever. He is our Elijah whom we love very much!

(Elijah: age 2)