epic's new home

it's been the verses my pastor husband and i claimed before we called san francisco home. "unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake n vain." {Psalm 127.1}

four years ago this summer, we gathered in our living room in the apartment just down the street from the Giants ballpark.

we gathered, the few of us, to pray, dream, and ask God to show us how to plant a church in our city. {June 2010}


look how little they were. asher age 2. sam age 4. elijah age 6.


a week before our launch team came to an end, we gathered once more in our apartment, a few more of us this time,

{February 2011}

 excited to launch weekly at the w hotel.


at the w hotel, we would meet in a conference room or the rooftop terrace at times. our staff kids soon were not the only kids. they were making new friends. we all were making new friends. people of san francisco started connecting with others of faith. we were baptizing new believers at a nearby apartment complex pool. we began small groups and service projects in our city.

we would grow and grow in number and our contract with the hotel would grow iffy and iffy.

we invited our epic community to meet at our same apartment one night to ask God to give us a more permanent space.

twenty or so people came. we prayed. we shared ideas. we left the big task to God, but the staff put their feet and minds into searching the SoMa neighborhood for church space. {not an impossible task in the city, but very, very difficult}


God provided. and just two blocks down from the w hotel.

with just over 100 people, we moved into 543 howard street. {august 2011}

a space to call home with a three year lease, a few kid's rooms, and a worship space to hold 170.

quickly, we added a second service as we grew.


this past january {2014} we added a third service!

we've been running over 400 people, including over 50 kids!

in a city that doesn't pride itself on being kid-friendly.

and in a city that doesn't welcome a Christian church with open arms.

so we're asking what's next?

what's next for our church?

for our city?


731 market street

not from here or need a point of reference? it's the main street in the city.

it's where the flagship old navy and gap are located.

it's between third and fourth streets and beside the contemporary jewish museum.

market street ends at the ferry building and climbs up the san francisco hills.

if you've been to san francisco, chances are high that you've been on market street.

7. Rendering of building

my pastor husband and epic staff have signed a 10 year lease with an additional 5 year option.

capacity in worship space is 375 per service!

5 kid rooms.

right outside is the powell street MUNI/BART station.

you can bike, walk, transit, and drive to epic. {parking garage for over 400 cars outside building}

right below cvs pharmacy.

get this...the ten year lease ends on elijah's birthday. not just any birthday. his 21st birthday!

{not even thinking about our ages}

this building is just a shell right now.

we've got to build the church inside. rooms, lighting, paint, carpet. the list goes on.

san francisco is the most expensive city in america.

$1.3 million is what it's going to take to get us in and rent subsidized for the first three years.

some of you are giving us thumbs up for such a great deal and the rest of you are picking your jaws up off the floor.

we've got until april 27th to make our commitments to this great vision.

i believe wholeheartedly that God is going to move mightily through this major step for our church. He will receive the honor and glory for this big step of faith. He is being lifted up for sure.

this will require our epic community to give generously to this initiative.

but as my pastor husband says, we've giving to those who have yet to come.

those in our city who have yet to be born or move here. those in san francisco who have yet to hear of Jesus.

watch epic's podcasts and see this vision become a reality in the coming months.

it was partner churches across this country that gave to the initial vision of planting a church in downtown san francisco over 4 years ago. many of these people will never step foot into this church here. now it's time for our epic community to pay it forward for the hundreds, if not thousands who will come.

if you read my blog, you know i see lessons and concepts in pictures.

my favorite part in all of this...we will have a permanent sign posted that says epic sf.

it's a visual of us saying, "san francisco, we're here. we're not going anywhere and when you want to come, you are welcome."

because it's the people we are here for. it's the community we want to grow. it's Jesus we want to display.

i beleive when you leave a place, you leave the lights on if you took Jesus with you.
we left the lights on in our family apartment at 351 king street, #113.
we've left the lights on at the w hotel.
we've got the lights on at 543 howard presently and we'll leave them on there too.
 i can't wait to turn the lights on at 731 market street.