everything has a home.
backpacks and jackets have a home near the door.

vitamins and devotional book for breakfast time sit close by the kitchen table.

a catch all basket holds odds and ends till
it's time to go downstairs.
what the boys call treasures hide in their own chests
atop their bedroom dressers.
movies, video games, and music are stored in their own case.
it's much easier to put away for little hands
and takes up less space.

some moms get flowers. i get rocks and shells. they set upon the mantle in pickle jars. because there was a day when they were called "picklegreen" out of their love of pickles. the rocks & shells tell of adventure on the streets we have lived and the beaches we have walked.

everything has a home.

rechargeable batteries go from the controller to the charger.
books are put back on the shelf when read.
shoes are stored on the shoe rack when we walk into the door.
whether 3 or 33...
everything has a home.
trash cans.
recycling bins.
dresser drawers.
laundry bins.
when everything has a home, we learn to treat the possessions
God has given us with gratitude.
when everything has a home, we know where to look.
when everything has a home, we're a tad bit more sane.