that's asher's word for four.
just like downsters.

it seems like yesterday i was swinging 
this 'all smiles' baby at sequiota park in missouri 
and now i play baseball daily with him.

asher turns fer on december 19th
but in an effort to keep it from getting lost with Christmas
we've celebrated since the start of the month.
he requests that we sing the "happy birthday" song often. he joins in and sings it as if to a third person! i made a promise that on his birthday we will sing on cue anytime he wants!

asher has made friends in the city through epic and at his brother's school. we celebrated recently with pizza and sugar cookies, per his request.

then we did his favorite...taking the bin of balls to
the complex gym. crazy fun! 

asher has an understanding of friendship that has deepened this year. whether his size or not, he delights in spending time with friends. 

"happy birthday to asher, happy birthday to you!"