for the good of the next generation

{thoughts from a girl who's mom was sponsored through compassion international}


this is my mom when she was younger. isn't she beautiful?

i think she's the most amazing woman on the planet.

i'm her daughter so i can say that.

she told me when she was little she didn't think about herself that way.

she told me she would draw water from the river and run from her reflection.

she would walk through the trash on the streets and pick out which piece she most resembled.

she told me she never had a reason to smile.

never had a reason to hope.

"why, momma?" i'd ask.

"darling, i saw no good in me." she'd say.

'but then..."

that's how she always starts amazing stories of her childhood...

"but then, someone sponsored me."

"someone wrote me letters telling me that they loved me."

"they had my picture on their refrigerator."

she would tell me she didn't know what a refrigerator was for the longest time!

"but then, someone told me that i could go to school."

"and then, i got a hot meal every day."

"and it keeps getting better!" she would add.

"when i got sick, grandma could take me to the doctor."

"my sponsor always finished her letters telling me that she was praying for me."

"i got a Bible one year for my birthday in our language."

"i learned how much Jesus loved me."

"momma, is that why you sing me songs about Him every night?"

"darling, yes," she told me.

"i studied so hard."

"i loved writing my sponsors and telling them my grades and how i was doing in school."

"it wasn't always easy, but then..."

"...but then, i got to go to the university."

"and that's where i met your dad."

"and that's when i earned a degree."

"and shortly after you came into the world."

"momma, why don't i have a sponsor?"

"because i was rescued out of poverty in Jesus' Name, we don't have to go back there anymore."

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