the building itself is concrete.
though 6 stories high, it is minuscule to the skyscrapers surrounding.
we are in the basement, no outside light at all.

our faith community gathers this particular Sunday for a special service.
Epic is 8 months old. we have not broken bread, nor drank of His cup til now.
at our previous location, there was strict rules of food and beverage in our meeting space.
the wait was over. the sacraments could now be observed.

for 1500 years before Christ came, Passover was observed, celebrated, for the israelites witnessed God passing over their blood-covered doorposts and sparing them death. 
yet, on one Passover night, Jesus was betrayed after He had observed the Passover meal with his disciples. 
upon His death, there was no more need for a spotless lamb for sacrifice. He was the Spotless Lamb who died once and for all. 

now with our faith community, we partook of His blood and His body, poured out and broken for us. 

as we took communion, we let our praises and prayers rise as incense, as fragrance to our God. 
the building itself is concrete, but that holds no weight on praise rising. 
the building is minuscule, but not our God. He was worshipped and adored in the basement this particular Sunday.
all because He sent His Sacrificial Spotless Lamb to take away the sins of the world.