Whether I feel insignificant and minuet in purpose,

or the waves are crashing against me, our family, or our ministry,

or the unknowns are endless and faith is growing weak,

or the road seems crooked or steep or impossible,

or it's a picture-perfect day,

or it's a chocolate-indulgent day,

God gifts me words, encouragement, wisdom, laughter, tears through my friend Meredith.
She is that friend.

What an indescribable gift to have her in San Francisco for a few days.
Our conversation and learning from one another is fluid - ichat, text, phone calls, or in person - we pick up where we left off.

We got tickled when Ben would ask, "where is Sam's dog?" And we'd both answer. Ben found himself relaxing more these few days as he discovered there were 2 women taking care of the house and kids!
So true though. We love each other's families as if they were our own and we encourage one another in our love towards our spouse and kids. Our husbands trust our friendship as we share the personal, the raw.

Friendship is God's gift in this short time on earth as a way of expressing His grace, truth, and love between one another.

These in-person moments are rare as we now live on opposite coasts. But no doubt, a gift. Thanks to Dan for giving her these few days and to Ben for letting us galavant and lay housework aside.

"Every good and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." [James 1.17]

*all pictures taken from Meredith's trip in SF