Go Cardinals! Go Cubs! Roll Tide!

Our boys are so confused. Their Uncle Lee is a proud Cubs fan and has given them Cubs clothing over the past few years. We are now living in Cardinals Country and were given tickets to see the Cardinals and Cubs play this week in St. Louis. Two of our boys were dressed as Cubs fans and Elijah bought a Cardinals shirt at the game.
Now, also remember we are Alabama fans and are weekly chanting, "Roll Tide!" So throughout the game, the boys are cheering, "Go Cardinals! Go Cubs! Roll Tide!" Whoever was doing well received cheers from the boys!

Also note that Shauna's side of the family are Georgia Bulldogs fans and Ben's side of the family are LSU fans and Uncle Lee graduated from Texas A&M. So the boys never know who to cheer for each Saturday in the fall.

But both Ben and I have decided we don't care who they cheer for...we'll take whatever scholarships these boys can get when college rolls around!

Kaylie Patrick, a dear friend from Alabama, came to see us for a few days and got to be a part of the Pilgreen adventure!

And believe it or not, the Cardinals won and we made it through 95% of the game. We left in the middle of the 9th and beat the traffic! Go Cardinals! Go Cubs! Roll Tide!