Goodbye Missouri

Elijah got major hugs from his Kindergarten class and Mrs. Cobb.
The whole family got to be at the party and read a story on San Francisco.
We've had the BEST kindergarten experience! We tell Elijah that he will always remember Mrs. Cobb and we'll always be thankful for her "over-and-aboveness" and how strongly she believes in Elijah.

Sam was so happy to receive his Cubby Bear Award for finishing his year in Awana. Can't you tell?

Ms. Lori has kept all of our boys in Tiny Town and in our home, but Asher has spent the most time with her. When you ask him what he's going to do on the way to church, he replies, "Play with Ms. Lori!"

Ms. Shannon, like many other special people, have taught our children and have invested in them. We are so grateful!

Gotta love boys...and lots of them! Whether it's playing basketball, running around the atrium, enjoying fellowships with families, we can attract a crowd of boys! What a joy to walk alongside families as we raise our children together. And we're not close to being done! Warriors, they are!

We've been blessed to enjoy close friendship with Phil and Jennifer and though our current location is changing, we love that ministry is ongoing. We pray our paths cross again!

If there's ever been an encourager in my life, it's sweet Ruthie! As I step into the role of a lead pastor's wife, I take with my the example Ruthie has shown as a faithful wife, steadfast mother, and encouraging friend.

Impressive cake! Since the moment I enjoyed one of Belinda's catered staff Christmas party, I told her that she should write a cookbook. I promised her to help. I still keep that promise! She outdid herself with this three tiered cake with the Epic logo, purpose statement and Golden Gate Bridge done by hand!

Pastor and friends walked us out the door of Second.

Truck loaded and ready to go. The boys know that some toys get left behind on the movie "Toy Story" and Asher didn't want that to happen with his toys!

As they pull out of Ozark, Missouri.
Dan, Ben, Sam in route to Oklahoma to pick up Beau
who will make 4 drivers to the West Coast.

Goodbye Missouri!