i hear first.

asher: dear God... [pause] mom, what can i thank God for?

i peer through my

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rearview mirror and see him with hands folded tight, held up in front of his face. ready to pray.

i merge onto the freeway. my four year old initiates prayer like i initiate over to the next lane.

me: asher, we just left costco and were able to get groceries. i'm thankful to God for that. what are you thankful for?

asher: i know. dear God, thank You for ms. kellie giving me that star wars book. thank You for our new house. thank You for the living room. thank You for elijah's room. thank You for our bathroom. thank You for our kitchen. thank You for me and sam's room. thank You for the ga-gouge [garage]. amen.

he smiles, knowing he just talked to the Most Powerful, Most Loving God in the universe.

asher: mom, it's your turn.

he says with confidence.

me: dear God, thank You for the heart of gratitude You are forming in my son. he is learning that You are the Giver of all good things. thank You for ms. kellie going with us to costco. thank you for how You provide us the means to buy groceries. amen.