hearing happened {an adoption update}

IMG_0410 - Version 3

our case was heard!

we have another hearing on april 24, in two weeks.

this information came from our case worker who spoke with our attorney.

the court website has not been updated.

we are believing in faith that...

the next hearing will be our last

and that we will travel in may.

another step of faith is ben's visa situation.

if you remember, ben had a hard time obtaining his visa and was only given one for 3 months.

that expired this tuesday, april 7.

we have another option that we think is good and are hopeful that when it comes time to book travel, that he can secure a visa for the trip.

i was telling our case worker this morning that i am surprised that people are still standing with us. that they haven't forgotten or gotten fed up or bored with this story!

but then again, faith is a journey.

it's believing God for what we cannot see and then believing God for more.

and my faith has been strengthened by your faith in this process. i am so overwhelmed by your comments and time you take to pray for us. and this is all so that one child can have a forever family. may our journey to bring k home infuse hope into your journey to ______________.

we are near the end, friends. of this part of the story at least!

here's what has to happen before travel:

judge gives orders at a hearing

written orders have to be received by orphanage director

orphanage director takes written orders plus other necessary documents to apply for k's passport in the same city

when orphanage director knows when passport will be ready, he will tell us the day to pick up k

we apply for ben's visa and book travel