helpmate {meredith's story}

Living out the Gospel by being a helpmate

I never expected to be living in the Northeast.  I lived in the Midwest for thirty years and often said I would enjoy moving to the South, but never mentioned anything about the Northeast!  I am confident that God has us here for reasons, many reasons.  I suspect that many of those reasons are still unknown to me!  I’m o.k. with that.  But, I do know that right now I am to be serving God by serving my husband.  Our move here has allowed my husband to be a part of things that he was unable to do before.  I am supporting him and doing my best to be his biggest cheerleader!  Honesty moment…this isn’t always easy!

We’re a “do” family, not a “watch” family.  So, yes, we like to do things and be a part of things and are generally willing to help out.  But, he REALLY likes to do things and be a part of things!!  So, about a year ago, when he came home from a meeting and said, “I think I’m supposed to lead the weekly boys’ program at church,” I wasn’t surprised, yet I also wasn’t on board.  The program was unorganized and the commitment level from other leaders wasn’t great, so I really didn’t think it was a good situation to throw ourselves into.  I say ‘ourselves’ because he said from the start that he would need my help and wanted us to do it together.  After a few days of discussing this and questioning him a few more times, I did the only thing I could.  I prayed and asked God to radically change my heart!  Now, I realize that I should have been praying about it immediately when he brought it up.  But, I was really, really against this and was just sure that he would change his mind after he thought about it a little more!  Haven’t I learned by now that it’s not my job to change my husband?   I obviously thought I knew better than God, which is not a good idea.  God always knows best, and guess what…it is now about time to begin planning for year 2!  God did absolutely amazing things during this year with the boys’ program.  I only wish I was able to share all of those, but I know there’s not time.

Baseball season.  I love it.  Our family loves it.  I’m even sitting in the car right now waiting for a game to start.  This brings another way for me to support my husband.  He’s so great at leading these teams.  The parents appreciate his coaching style and the people in charge of the leagues have noticed him and respect him for the way he leads.  I, of course, am not surprised by this!  He truly is amazing in the way he works with these boys.  He encourages, he pushes, he expects hard work, and he encourages some more.  I am by his side to do whatever he needs…assign snack shack duties, answer emails, print off lineups, keep score, warm-up one team while he finishes a game with the other team.  I’ve actually surprised myself at the little details I now understand about the game!

Why are these things important to me?  I know that my husband is influencing the lives of many boys.  He sincerely cares about these boys.  We know that families have begun memorizing scriptures around the dinner table.  They are working on the memorization system that was created for the boys’ program.  I know that leaders of the baseball league see a respectable, honest, and humble man.  I know they see a difference in his life from others around him.  They have told me this as they introduced themselves to me.  One has even had conversations with my husband about our church because he has visited a few times and wants to keep coming.  As our time here has gone on, we are now living life with these families at school, church, the ball field, the neighborhood.  Faces are becoming more familiar.  We know and they know that we recognize each other from ‘somewhere’.  You know that feeling?  I know that God has called me to be an example for Him in these places.  I pray that others will see a difference in me and that they will also see a wife who loves her husband and chooses to truly be his helpmate.


Meredith lives in Avon, CT where she and her husband enjoy being a part of many school, music, sports, and church activities with their two boys.  They are all looking forward to some fun and relaxing times together this summer!