Hero Boot Camp 2.0

it's simple. it's organic. it's a homemade camp for our boys.
the idea came from a reality i faced in watching our boys in their imaginative world play superheroes. they portrayed a hero as someone with powers that could only be used when a particular suit was put on. to them, a hero only existed in the cartoon world.

hero boot camp exists be the teaching tool that brings to reality the true meaning of a hero; to challenge the boys to become heroes themselves as we look at the Scriptures, look at today's heroes, and learn to live out a heroic life.

[asher putting together the verse puzzle]

this year: heroes serve.
our verse:
choose you this day, whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
joshua 24.15

[elijah making brownies for our serve project]

our Scripture stories:

david serves his brothers (1 Samuel 17.12-18)
before he did a heroic feat in killing the giant goliath,
david was in the habit of serving his family.

moses serves his people (Exodus 4.18-20;29-31)
heroes are common people who are always ready to go, do, serve, even without knowing the outcome. it's the risk, the adventure that requires faith.

the young boy serves Jesus (John 6.1-14)
being heroic is not just for the grown-ups. a hero is born by saying 'yes' to what is right
and 'no' to your fears. a hero gives all he has to serve others.

[the boys painted canvas totes for their teachers this year and filled them with school supplies and treats]

our service projects:

gave brownies and bottled water to street people in our neighborhood
delivered a cake to the fire station
gathered items for our school's food bank

[we made signs for our school's food bank and bought grocery items to stock the food bank]

our fun:

designing t-shirts with images of where we serve
going to a giants game as a family
eating the brownie batter remains!

[we made a cake to give to our neighborhood fire department]

[we got to meet modern day heroes: our firefighters]

[the boys got to see their favorite heroes up close during batting practice: the sf giants]

[some of the ballplayers are role models for our boys and we share their stories]

[ramon ramirez - pitcher - personally gives sam a baseball]

camps are popular in our city. we attended two this summer. camps can be expensive though.
hero boot camp allows me and ben to help move our boys to the next level in their thinking, learning, growing, leading, and serving. we tailor it to where they are spiritually and relationally.

feel free to use this with your family. we want there to be a generation of heroes - heroes who serve!