Hero Boot Camp 3.0

for the third year now,
the writing is on the wall.
we take our family verse for the school year and wrap it around
hero boot camp - 
an intentional few days full of adventure, lessons, and organic creativity. 

i don't consider myself creative. just resourceful.
why not pick up a paintbrush from the craft box and paint the Scripture in water on the back deck?
it slowly disappears as it dries. 
"for the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal."

the boys wondered when the sun shone again the following day, if it would shed light on the verse painted out the night before.

Christmas lights retrieved. 
draped around plastic chairs and bed sheets.
fire pit blazes.
relaxed in the tent, boys can have amazing conversations and realizations. 
i prolong this moment.

we gather every pair of glasses in the house.
with laughter and spontaneity, i weave in intentionality.
what can we see with our very eyes right now?

apple tree. 
the bay. 
the mountains.
 the thousands of houses.

yes. but what is the unseen? 
what is it that God sees?
what is the eternal?

apple tree bears apples that we ought to give to our school food bank. families at our school can be fed.
the bay provides jobs for people that give them dignity and provision.
the mountains display Creator God.
the houses shelter mankind - God's masterpieces. 
they alone, we alone, are eternal. 

in the home, we strategically place clues. 
a scavenger hunt.
each 'unseen' clue leads them to something 'seen.'

[unseen] place on the map where our sister lives.
[seen] globe.

[unseen] evidence that you had fun at KidsGames this summer.
[seen] framed photos.

[unseen] a pilgreen sport you enjoy with dad that creates solid family time together.
[seen] bases in the garage.

each put their creativity to work.
sam draws a picture of the bridge - unseen are the paths that connect His creation to more of His incredible creation. 
from the city to the ocean to the vineyards to the coastline.

elijah sees the people on the bus.
 those we pray for silently as their needs are obvious.
those with whom we strike up conversation.
those we offer smiles.
those who smell. 
those who are different from us. 

asher only sees baseball! 
don't you see it?
the bases?
the diamond? 
our boys pray for, by name, the Giants roster.
maybe we are in the city for such a time as this - 
to intercede for these athletes.

hero boot camp brings focus.
it has become tradition.
intentional time well spent with my kids.
who knows what we will see this year!