Hollywood on the Diamond

We are raising this child.
We have seen him dressed an hour before we even have to leave for practice or the game.
We're still not sure where the desire to wear white shades and gold beads comes from!
Yeah, we saw it all in person!
So here's to Elijah and Coach Ben's last game.

We watch and laugh, but we wonder what strikes you?
Is it the loud sound of the wind?
The commentary from Sam, the bored 4 year old?
The constant movement of Elijah on any base?
Or do you get hung up on the gold beads and white shades like we do?

We are very sad to see the season end, but have invited the entire team over for pizza in a week. And we're happy that most of them can all be there. Ben has done an amazing job at building a community of not only 7-10 year old Junior Giants baseball players, but of families from all walks of life. It's evident to all that he loves the game and loves the kids. We are also very grateful to Ben and Lindsey Lee who have helped Ben coach the team.