she came in heels. up the hill. in the downpour.
she stood on her feet for me with a smile.
 they drove from the south bay with a van of kids.
i learn much from their lives for they are writers and mothers.
their physical presence ran deep inside.
 she and baby growing sat and smiled.
calculated and promoted.
i am indebted.
 with baby sophia in tow, they came.
their excitement upon arrival caused my heart to leap.
how do i take in?
it is far too much than i deserve.
she always glows. she always smiles.
she delights in speaking blessings to those around her.
i am honored to write to she and her daughter.
they come in supportive style.
"so, who is your book's audience?"
they gladly help.
we walk together for a short season.
sharing life with young kids and busy families.
they will return to the midwest.
 i will be better for knowing her.
she knows more of my life as a public school mom.
yet, she comes and partakes.
i hope it delights both her and daughter.
we share life as baseball moms and on-the-go moms.
we rejoice over the victories in the everyday.
we are living 'our happily ever afters' now.
every spoken word she utters to me only lifts.
she believes and i hold to her words.
when they love the family, they love you.
for we are on this journey together and we need each other.
for to celebrate must include the here and now.
to pause with those with whom you do life currently.
to be grateful for each and every one.
then he steps forward. quieting conversation.
he speaks affirmation over me.
he values me with his words.
he believes in the dream my King has before me.
with a shaky soul and a forever gratitude,
i feel the smiles in the room.
i sense the pleasure.
i am wowed by an overwhelming kind of love.
 how are we at this moment in time?
for friends and family in the bay area to gather?
God alone is the Author of time.
the Establisher of circumstances.
the Giver of dreams.
the Perfecter of our faith.
 i rejoice for this moment in time.
i recount His goodness through the three year process.
through the wondering. writing.
praying. editing. seeking. researching. doubting. believing.
 to look into the eyes of those to whom i write.
to know she strives to point each of her daughters to their King.
to know their eyes are fixed upon the One who has creatively written their stories.
to say i want to watch your fairy tale unfold.
and for the night, i am honored.
honored by their presence.
honored to have 22 kids parading around the house
 leaving trails of brownie bites.
honored to have soggy shoes piled high at the door.
honored to have sold 88 books, 24 of which were donated to rescued girls in Ghana.
honored to write for my King.
honored to live out this happily ever after.
though you might not have been at the party,
you're still invited!
join me at www.thesamepagebook.com.