I am my beloved's, and he is mine!

Ben and I attended a Song of Solomon Conference recently and were blessed and challenged to live our marriage biblically and without regrets. God intends for marriages to grow deeper and more lovely! We love learning about how to serve one another and thank God for His protection and blessing over our marriage of eight and a half years.
Here's some of Shauna's favorite notes:
* Ladies were challenged to ask ourselves, "How well do you pursue your husband?"
* Once you marry, you become your spouse's standard of beauty! If you've got a long neck, your husband is 'in' to long necks. If you're blonde, your husband loves blonde. When you turn gray, your husband is now into gray!
* Your bedroom should be inviting. (For us, no toys, no cell phones, clutter free)
* We're not gonna make the other person just like us. We want them to be like Jesus. So get functional and let some things go.
* Don't get a new spouse (divorce). Get a new marriage (recommitment).
* Put wedding album in a place that is visible to others and you.
* Not in the mood? Start and God will honor obedience!
* Be a private garden, not a public park. (chapter 4, verse 12)
* The last day of marriage (the day you or your spouse dies) is more important than the first day of marriage (wedding day). We plan our weddings and not our funerals. People go for the minimum and say if we don't have a divorce or commit adultery, we've made it. Live your marriage as you want to go out.
* Be a loving doe, a graceful deer, wives.
* You can't share your bodies if you're not sharing your souls.
* More intimacy? Pray together. Read God's Word together. Follow Jesus daily...genuinely!

Ben adds his notes from the conference:
* For every person, sex is god, gross, or a gift.
* Just as Driscoll did at this conference, sex and great marriages have to continued to be talke about in church.
* Men pray over their wives.
* There's selfish lovers and servant lovers.
* He also 'stars' all the ones mentioned above!

One of Ben's favorite authors and pastors is Mark Driscoll. He is the one that taught this conference. God used Mark to beautifully interpret the Songs as he shared stories of his marriage and used relevant teaching. We got to pose in a picture with him!