I Spy...

...with my eyes, something yellow.

Yes, one of thousands of fish swimming in the tank of the aquarium at the California Academy of Science.

...with my eyes, something hilly.

Yes, one of 7 manmade hills on the roof of the Academy. The ground was lifted to the roof and the Academy was built underneath! These hills are reflective of the hills of the city. One hill is filled with windows that are controlled by computers to open and close, allowing air to circulate inside the Academy.

...with my eyes, something fragile.

Yes, one of many butterflies fluttering inside the massive rainforest inside the Academy. Sam was disappointed I didn't capture a picture of the blue one.

...with my eyes, something red and blue. Look really hard.

I know. If I didn't take the picture, I wouldn't believe it either.
Look in the center on the leaf pointing south just above the branch.
It's the strawberry poison dart frog.

...with my eyes, two uniquely made creatures.

Yes, these mammals have tender hearts and enjoy fun outings in the city.

Out-of-town friends didn't use all of their city passes last week so we enjoyed their benefits - free admission to the Academy. This museum is in the heart of Golden Gate Park.