ICED in for a few days

I put my creative hat on today as the southern area of Missouri received not snow, but ice. All area schools are closed and church activities are already cancelled for Wednesday evening. Now, to my Missouri friends, they are reading this thinking that today was a typical winter day, but not so with the Pilgreens. I can't count how many times we looked out our window and counted icicles or tire marks on the road to see if anyone dare left their house!

Sam and Elijah made and decorated their Valentine boxes for preschool. Sam got Cars tattoos on his belly. (That's a mommy rule so they can't be seen in school pics, etc.)Elijah slayed the Telemarines as he re-enacted Narnia all day. And well, Asher threw up twice. He constantly wanted to be held, but was a good sport. He took a bath after each vomit episode and still managed to play a little while.

That's the grill at 11 am today. At this point in the evening it is covered in snow that is falling heavily, still with the layer of ice underneath.

The thermometer doesn't do the weather justice. It looks much colder than 20 something degrees. Not that I've been out in it at all! I did watch my neighbor spend at least 2 minutes trying to pry her mailbox open that was iced. At this time in the evening, you can't tell where the sidewalk ends, the yard begins, or where the neighborhood road takes you! Covered in a blanket of snow.

And at last, as I was getting Sam and Elijah dressed for bed, I walked back into the living room to discover that Asher had fallen asleep on the hardwood floor. Bless him! May we all sleep soundly and sweetly and with power...electricity that is! For the boys have their snow boots out and ready to build the world's largest snowman in the morning.