i give thought to the imagination of God.
tomlin says lyrically, "creation yields to Your command...He said let it be and it was...imagination runs wild and breathes the breath of life."
'You do all things well,' my heart cries in the moment.
i look out and see ocean.

but on most days, i don't physically see ocean.
most days i fail miserably as a creation of God's when i give credit and am in awe of what mankind makes to satisfy earthly life, making it more easier and productive.
i must stop and take a look around at the imagination of God.
oh, how i get distracted. how i fall short of giving my Creator all the credit, all the praise.

for he makes mine and ben's marriage beautiful.
he brings joy to our home.
he loves our boys to death.
he picks me up, holds me, walks with me.
he still speaks today.
he cannot be outsmarted - undermined - beat out by a competitor.
what He set forth since the beginning of time still for centuries baffles the most intellectual of each generation.

through my frail and imperfect vision i see the waves crash and ocean extend for miles. the sun rises in gold and sets in brushing hues of purples and oranges as it disappears from my view. it's merely a glimpse. that's all i do see and all i need to see to be thrust into awe and wonder of my God - my Creator - the Source of all imagination.