It was the best of was the worst of times

Elijah walked into the doctor's office with a little too much confidence. His previous shot was about a year ago and he didn't cry at all. He carried that confidence with him this time, except he asked too many questions and got too many answers. After seeing the 4 shots/needles, he got freaked out and all that confidence went down the drain. I was already prepared to take a picture of my couragous son getting his pre-school shots. The camera was out and Hannah took the picture as Elijah took the shots. His scream could be heard out in the lobby and maybe down the street. I think we are all grateful that he is done with shots for AWHILE! (The worst of times)

We decided on Ashley and Hannah's way of town that we should take a picture since we hadn't taken any all week. It was the best of times with them. We had lots of girl talk that I don't normally get in our house! We enjoyed lounging around the neighborhood pool, our yard, and the house.