It's been a while...

If you find yourself on our family blog, it was probably random. I haven't been faithful at all in keeping it updated...obviously. Last post - July 2007. And so much has happened since then. Elijah turned 4, I turned 30, Samuel turned 2, and Asher was born on December 19th.
The biggest news is that God is leading us into a new adventure as a family and ministry. Ben has been asked to be the teaching pastor at Second Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri. The church will launch its third service this September and that will be the service that Ben will speak at each week. He will also give leadership to the staff and lay leadership. A really exciting part of this is that the church is very missions minded and missions going! He will travel several times a year around the world to teach at pastor's schools that the church sponsors.
We are excited about serving together as a family.
However, the hardest part has already begun. We are saying our good byes to close friends, family, incredible college students, amazing college faculty, and church members here at Calvary Baptist in Tuscaloosa. This has, by far, been the hardest decision we have ever made. But, no doubt, God is in this! Pray for us as we make this transition. Pray for our boys. Pray for new friends. Pray for the ministry to continue to grow stronger and deeper here.