to journal is to breathe.
i come alive when i record the simplest and the deepest.

to journal is to list my gratitude of thanks to my God.

to journal is to capture a memory never to forget.

to journal is to scribe to the side insight.
to jot down my wondering and questions.

to journal:
6 am: i begin to list what i'm grateful for in my grateful journal.
[inspired by ann voskamps' one thousand gifts]

i am reading through the New Testament and underlining in red His promises i can claim.
[record my thoughts in ESV journal Bible]

i name people, situations, hurts, joys, dreams in my black lined journal. i then read them aloud to my God who
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i flip the black lined journal over. i then write down stories of people in my life. i want to remember.

10 pm: i pull the covers up high and reach for my one line a day journal [chronicle books].
with sleepy eyes and a mind that's fading fast, i jot down that moment for the day.

four journals.
for now.
to journal is where i tell my story.
it's where blog posts originate.
it's where my children will recall my life.
to journal.