k's room {an adoption story}

want to see k's room?

come on in.

i've reopened her door a few weeks ago and it feels full of life again as we hope to finish up court soon.

simple and minimal is the idea for k's bedroom.

colorful like your country.

a story behind the decor is the dream i've had all along.

now we just need that beautiful brown skinned girl to come and fill the room with giggles and snores and more!


the dresser was bought off of craigslist and painted with milk paint.

lotus india lamp is from world market.

the story here?

the framed print is from my sister-in-law emily who gifted this print because she said it reminded her of me. the beauty in this is that i have been writing in a prayer journal for 2 years now, my prayers for k, and guess what the cover looks like?


this nightstand was bought with the dresser and painted with milk paint. i left the drawers untouched.

the print is a painted canvas by my sister-in-law lindsey, perfect by the lamp.

the story here?

the storybook on the nightstand is a copy of the one that we sent to k in december of 2013. we've been told she received it, but we are pretty certain it remains in the office for her to see from time to time. it wouldn't be fair for k to walk around the orphanage with a book about her forever family among the orphans unmatched right now. not sure if we will get the other one back, we've got the story written down ready to read to her at bedtime.


the dolls were each gifts and the books fill the lower shelf. {we're kinda major book people}

the frame on the top shelf holds a colorful picture of the taj mahal colored by asher to k last summer.

the story here?

 the storybook wall.

it's so special in that the frames were hand-crafted by the andrew boshell

& meticulously hung by dear friend, meredith jobe.

i chose these 9 prints throughout the time our family has read this book, handpicking the ones that we can use to tell her the Greatest Story Ever while we play in her room.


the bed and bedding were gifts from friends who have prayed through this whole journey.

i'm a neat freak, but am tired of looking at this bed all made up and perfect. it needs a lump of cuteness swallowed up in it.

the story here?

you can't quite make it out and that's on purpose for today, but there's a banner draped across the bed that was made by a girl i've never met in kentucky who loves my sister and loves us, not knowing us. it has k's name and says, "k's home."

it will hang above her bed as a reminder of two truths: 1. it's now a place she can call her own - a physical location. 2. she's here. she's arrived - a mental and emotional well-being.