my eyes can't imagine more beauty.
the colors so vibrant it smells.
oh this must be what it feels like for our sam
 to be in a candy store 
or our elijah to be in the baseball stadium.
i walk in spinning circles down the street of my college campus of old.
i do the same down a row of houses in colonial georgetown 
outside dc.
"ooh, look at that bright red tree over there."
the boring green that seemed lush in spring has lost its pizazz.
golds, oranges, reds have taken center stage.
magnificently eye-catching, yet just for a season.

Daniel answered and said," Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;" 
Daniel 2.20-21

the burst of colors last but days, maybe weeks.
the show must come to an end. 
one by one they fall to the ground. the trampled ground.
a wind blows in and they have no choice but to let go.
truth be told, if they refused to let go and hold on, the beauty would not be as grand. for the seasons shape the tree all year long. the naked winter tree comes next. buds appear in the spring. lush green proves there is life in summer. 
letting go is crucial to the changing of the seasons. 

on the ground a beautiful mess.
in the trees, afternoon sun peeping through, leaves look in perfect place.
yet on the ground, sporadic.


leaves leave.
leaves change.
leaves let go
to usher in a new season.

the beauty is not in being in perfect places.
the beauty is in the beautiful mess.
the beauty is in the humility of letting go so God can usher in new seasons in my life. 
the beauty in the collective pile of community letting go so together we offer up the fragrance of the season.
together our offering praises the Maker of the seasons
who doesn't let us grow stagnant.
but brings about change in the seasons
for He is Wise.

if i hold to tightly to the season that i am in...
the beauty is in the letting go and letting the seasons that God ordains for my life change according to His wise and perfect plan.

seasons of exuberant color will come again...
if i surrender to the Maker and Creator of time.