Life is about to change as we know it!

This is the final week! Beginning next Sunday, our lives change for many reasons. Sunday begins a new era at our church, Second Baptist. The 11:00 worship service will be band led by our dear friend, Ryan Myers, who came up here from Tuscaloosa after leading in worship with us at Calvary. Ben will be teaching on a weekly basis beginning the 24th. It's nothing short of a miracle in what God has done in Ben's life. In college, he dropped his speech class, afraid of standing before his classmates and delivering a speech. Now, God is using him to speak to the masses! How great is our God! Ben, if you've never heard him speak, is gifted with a very relational style of teaching. It's very easy to understand what he is trying to communicate and it seems as if you are the only one in the crowd because of how personal he makes it. He is passionate about the Word of God and allows it to come alive when he teaches. He has been working very hard in the 4 1/2 months we have been here to get to know our church family and community and to prepare for the months that await us. We are trusting God to honor the prayers of His people as Second Baptist has bathed these new changes in prayer. We want God to be exalted as we reach out to the unchurched, to our neighbors, college students, and the greater Springfield area. May people feel welcomed at Second.
Also, Elijah and Sam start preschool next Monday and Tuesday. I'm excited about having a few hours in my day to run errands with just one child rather than three and getting to meet with ladies in our community and church. I'm also hoping to do more with my Premier business as well. The boys have already seen their classrooms and have met their teachers and some of their classmates. I look forward to sharing some great stories about their preschool days on the blog!

Would you pray alongside of us this week:
Pray that we would put one another first.
Pray that we would be a family of humility that fears the Lord.
Pray against the enemy's attacks.
Pray that ministry would be fun and full of laughter and new relationships!
Pray that Ben would be full of the Spirit.
Pray that God would grant us favor with those that attend Second and with our community.
Pray for our pastor, Dr. Marshall, as he leads our church.

I'll keep you updated! You can check the new service website out at
Tell us what you think!