Life is Precious!

I'm the kinda mom that is always ready for the "next thing" to happen. I'm certainly not the best at siezing the day or enjoying the moment. I tend to look for the greener grass or add something to the "to do" list just to keep me busy. I'm not that great at just sitting down, picking up a book to read to the boys or simply enjoying the moment we are in. It's easy for me to blame the culture, the world around me, and busy schedules. But the truth of the matter is that I am not living in the moment God gave me to enjoy and breathing in the air for that moment and looking into the faces that I am with 24/7 and resting in my blessings. Oh, how I am blessed!
My husband, Ben, loves me more than himself. He provides for our family. After a full day at work, he comes home to be super dad and is quite good at it. He is my prince, my knight in shining armor. God has gifted him as a creative teller of His Word. And he's the funniest guy I know. He's my best friend.
Elijah, my mini-me, has incredible memory. He's a natural at athletics. He has a great sense of direction. He is neat and orderly. He is a creature of routine. He is my big helper. He tells me sweet things every day and seeks my approval. He loves God and learning Scripture.
Samuel, Ben's mini-me, is funny. He makes me laugh and loves life. God uses him to teach me so much. He's laid back and a nuturer. He loves to help me clean the house. He's my sweet boy.
Asher, my baby. He cuddles with me and smiles at me. He's never mad at me. He's dependent upon me. He has the cutest dimples and goes with the flow...which can be rocky at times. When I look at all he is, I realize that Christ truly wants me to come to Him like a child!
My list could go on and on. My friends. My family. My church family. The people I've met along my journey. Wow. God, You are so good to me.
May I live in the moment of today. That's all I am guaranteed. I take a deep breath and thank my God. May every breath I breathe be done in worship to Him who gives me life.