Life Updated

Every memory, every story involves a picture for me. So this affects our blog. Not the case in my head. Even if no camera is around, I am thankful that my mind can capture the moment and save it for nostalgic purposes to recall from time to time.
Our weeks have been full of life - random at times, but full nonetheless.

Sam continues to water our plants. No produce yet, but pretty yellow flowers.

Ben and I had the privilege to visit with a partner church of EPIC in Baton Rouge, LA last weekend. We were gifted with short moments with new friends and old friends. Here is our Meagan and her boyfriend, Dustin. Crazy to think she was a part of our youth ministry years ago and is now a senior at LSU. We also got to see Beau, former college student, now close to graduating from New Orleans Seminary.

You never know a good thing til it's gone, right? We enjoyed Chick-fil-a a few weeks ago. I missed it greatly. Asher doesn't understand what the big deal is all about!

I got to chaperone Elijah's first field trip last week to SOTA (School of the Arts) here in the city to see Tom Sawyer the Musical performed by a talented group of high school students. We rode public transit to and from. Here Elijah is chatting with his friend, Diego.

Many friends and supporters of EPIC gave gift cards for the EPIC Kid's Shower. Lindsey and I made a run to Target to get items we still needed with the gift cards. Thanks so much.

A fun thing that I enjoy doing with the boys is picking up Elijah at 1:50 and then discovering a new park in the city. I try to do this once a week. This park not only had a playground, but a ball field. What could be better! Unfortunately I didn't pack the equipment, so Elijah asked if we could play invisible baseball! Well, of course, we can. I always seem to throw great pitches invisibly and the boys always hit home runs invisibly, too!

Ben Lee got a job offer on Friday which called for some great celebration! He's been interviewing, networking, and we've all been praying for over a year now for this! Here's our team overlooking the bay after enjoying dinner together. This is when it feels like family!
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