Living Sent {ebook}


you've got 30 seconds to describe where you live. go...

"'s a small town. half a dozen traffic lights. everybody is related to everybody. i grew up here. yeah. that's about it."

"well, it's a pretty big sized town. i mean, we're growing. lots of nationalities moving in. shopping centers popping up every mile or so. the towns nearby are coming to our town now. they're more or less touching each other."

"i live in a great place. there's so much to do. we've got a university and a research hospital. tons of green space and lots of events and festivals and concerts are here on the weekends."

"it's so different from home. so different."

"i live in a tight-knit community. most people who were born here, stay here and raise their families. our kids go to church and school and play sports together. it's a nice place to raise a family."

"it's a city. skyscrapers. mass transit. people on the move all the time. multi-cultural. apartment living. transient. delicious foods. strange smells. thankful for google maps. yep. that's where live."

"i don't know yet. we just moved here. check back in next year!"

10 seconds. why do you live where you live? go...




i don't know.

it's far from home.

i believe there is purpose in where you live. beyond your job or schooling or family.

and i believe the places you call home need to receive and gain more of you.

it's time for us to live sent.

and i've written an ebook on how to do just that...

Live Sent: 31 Days in the City

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I've written an ebook that's a planned adventure for how we met our neighbors and experienced  a diverse culture and began opening our home to others.

Every chapter is a day and every day is a leap of courage.

The book is filled with my personal journal entries and the stories of struggle and deep joy. It's a concept that is sure to grow your love for where you live and those who live around you.

see the 31 days {table of contents} here.

Christ followers, of all people, should love the places God has us in. We learn to love our cities and towns by knowing them. We know our cities more by engaging. We engage our cities when we attend sporting events, get a library card, dine at restaurants, play in the parks, ride transit, run marathons, shop locally, meet the neighbors.

Sink roots where you call home for now. Your zip code, your street, your neighborhood will be a better place if you do.

Because I believe this: We, of all people, should laugh the loudest, give the most, and love better than anyone else in the places we call home.

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In addition to the 31 days, get more of an insider’s view into how this can be lived out and be the first to receive future templates and ideas. Over 10 additional chapters with highly practical and useful ideas to Live Sent:

31 Days of Prayer

Craft ideas and recipes

templates for neighbor gatherings, family structures, and celebrations

practical ways to invest in school

teaching lesson called, God of the City

and more

I'm a sojourner with you on this earth to live sent for His purpose and Kingdom. Just as the rope was extended to me, I boldly and excitedly extend it to you. Whatever coast, mountain, farmland, valley, or desert you are in. Whatever zip code that is now assigned you. Whatever color the sky. Whatever challenges and adventures await.

{exert from Living Sent - 31 Days in the City}

To you, the new ones to your town or city...may God grant you the courage to explore. To embrace a new culture, a new process on how things operate, a new community. To you, the ones who are comfortable where you live...may God give you a fresh new look at your surroundings. What's that part of town that still needs your footprints?

{exert from Living Sent - 31 Days in the City}

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