Louisiana Thanksgiving

As I tweeted earlier this week, we left Louisiana with our tummies full because of the delicious cooking and baking by Emily and Erin, and left with our hearts full of rest and gratefulness from such a delightful time, just the sixteen of us (make that seventeen if we count Eva who I think will arrive in 2009!)

seeing GJ (that's Ben's dad)
the guys playing the Jack Hayes Memorial Bowl game (I think Ben and Lee beat Walter and Zach again!)
the BEST Thanksgiving meal (and I am certain that Ben would say the same, though he gives the holiday meal a hard time!)
baking and cooking in the kitchen
the guys going to see how crazy the Toys R Us line was at midnight
cousins playing from sun up to sun down
beautiful-not-a-cloud-in-the-sky-upper-sixty-degree weather
eating soup and ooey gooey cookies at Erin and Zach's house
baby shower for Emily and baby Eva (due January 8)
seeing family from Shreveport